Tragedy Strikes At Boston Marathon: Toronto Blue Jays' Brett Lawrie Tweets Out

By Clayton Richer

The Boston Marathon was an unfortunate target of a cowardly attack this afternoon, when two explosions occurred simultaneously approximately around 2:50 ET 100 yards apart near the finish line, killing two and injuring approximately 64 other people. The footage of the scene is chaotic and panic-stricken, with blood-drenched victims being tended to and escorted to safety.

The Boston Marathon is renowned for multiple nations joining together to compete in a sporting event, not a platform for tragedy. CNN is reporting that one of the two tragically killed in the explosion is an eight-year-old child.

On a day, where sports fans were planning to pay tribute for the work of Jackie Robinson and his successful quest to break the colour barrier in baseball, their focus has shifted to the thousands affected by yet another tragic event. The Boston Bruins obviously cancelled their contest with the Ottawa Senators due to today’s events as the city is basically on lock down.

Many athletes took to Twitter to voice their condolences and sentiments in regards to the event. The one tweet that stood out among the rest was that of Toronto Blue Jays third baseman, who rightfully shared his true feelings. The tweet had been retweeted over 800 times in one hour.


Well said Brett, well said!

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