Chicago Tribune's Dedication to Boston Marathon Tragedy

By Renae Juska
Source: Rob Grabowski- USA Today Sports

It was just a matter of time before someone bombed a sporting event and I bet the Boston Marathon was the last event that anyone expected. Most major arenas are equipped with security systems, metal detectors and security officers. But when you have a 26.2-mile event, it is hard to control who gets close to the action and whom security checks. The Chicago Marathon has double the number of participants than Boston, but they also have tighter security.

The Chicago Tribune has included a very unique tribute to Boston after yesterday’s bombing that occurred during the midst of the Boston Marathon.  On the cover of the sports section, they have included the nicknames of every professional sports team in Boston but decide to include “Chicago” instead of Boston.


This is a great gesture by members of the Chicago Tribune considering every major sport has a rival in Boston. Sure, every major newspaper had some form of dedication to the tragedy of the marathon, but Chicago’s is truly the most unique that I have seen. It shows that even though there are rivalries in sports, one event can affect every team in every league.

Even though we live in a “free society,” yesterday’s event proved the necessity of security for major sporting events. It’s sad to say that you can’t run a marathon, go to a movie or even attend school and feel safe. Hopefully this tragedy will help other cities tighten security so that we can feel safe and continue to attend our favorite sporting events.

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