Explosions at Boston Marathon Will Not Hinder London Marathon

By Jeric Griffin

One of the many reactions by our neighbors across the Atlantic Ocean after the explosions at the Boston Marathon was fear that their own version of the event would be affected. The 33rd running of the London Marathon is scheduled for Sunday, April 21 and the officials for the event said “the best way to show solidarity with Boston is to continue” their plan to run the race.

Obviously security is being tightened everywhere, especially in the United States, so that effort will obviously be maximized this weekend when an expect half a million spectators will watch 37,500 runners on the 26.1-mile course. British sports minister Hugh Robertson said they will do so without fear and everyone involved with the event “won’t be cowered by this sort of behavior.”

Despite the threat of danger at the London Marathon, Prince Harry will still attend the race and present the winners with their awards as scheduled. Among those who will compete for those honors are the three male medalists from last year’s London Marathon.

The people of Britain are already in a state of mourning over the recent passing of former Prime Minister Margaret Tatcher and security for her Wednesday funeral has already been heightened. That same security level will likely be reached, if not exceeded, for the race on Sunday.

The death count at the Boston Marathon remains three as everyone prays it doesn’t increase. Those who were injured by the two blasts near the finish line number well over 100, although those who suffered the mental toll this tragedy has taken are countless and, as more is uncovered, will undoubtedly increase.

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