Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick Says No Other Bombs Found at Boston Marathon

By Jeric Griffin

One of the main headlines directly following the explosions at the Boston Marathon on Monday were the discovering of additional explosive devices in the area, which led to the belief there could be other such devices throughout the country. However, Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick contradicted those reports on Monday and slightly calmed the fear of a followup attack.

“Two and only two explosive devices were found yesterday,” Patrick said. “There were no unexploded explosive devices found.”

The Governor went to say that many other trashcans were searched as well as manholes and other small places where bombs could be placed. Monday reports stated the explosives used in the two blasts near the finish line of the Boston Marathon were “homemade bombs.” If you’ve seen any of the footage of those injured in the blasts, you know these were some pretty powerful homemade bombs.

The same story that included the quote from Governor Patrick above also had a report from Boston Police commissioner Ed Davis, who cited there are 176 victims in Boston-area hospitals, 17 of which are in critical condition.

So far, there are only three confirmed deaths, including an eight-year-old boy named Martin Richard, whose photograph has since gone viral on the Internet thanks to social media.

The FBI has received “voluminous” tips in regards to the cause of the explosions since they happened and with the amount of attention this tragedy is receiving, the perpetrators could easily be identified soon.

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