New York Yankees to Honor Red Sox & City of Boston With Playing of Sweet Caroline

By Paul Seaver
Debby Wong-USA Today Sports

If you are a fan of the Boston Red Sox or sports in the city in general, you know of the trademark song that is played at each home game during the season.

Just prior to the start of the bottom of the eighth inning at Fenway Park — before the Red Sox come to bat — Neil Diamond’s smash hit Sweet Caroline echos through the stadium for fans to sing along.

Well, on Tuesday night, the arch rival of the Red Sox will honor the city from which they hail with a playing of Sweet Caroline. That rival of course is the New York Yankees:

The simple gesture by the Yankees franchise is truly remarkable. Despite the hatred between the fans on the playing field, a tragic situation such as the one that took place at the Boston Marathon on Monday afternoon, simply shows that there is much more to life.

The Yankees will take the field for a 7:05pm (EST) start against the Arizona Diamondbacks on Tuesday night and the tribute of Sweet Caroline will be played following the conclusion of the third inning. The Red Sox on the other hand have already left the city and are ready to play for Boston on the road against the Cleveland Indians.

The Red Sox did respond to the Yankees’ hospitality, appreciative of the support:


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