Sports Will Stand Strong In Adversity Once Again

By Stowe Gregory
Mark J. Rebilas – USA TODAY Sports

Tragic, cowardly and sick. Three words that many have used to convey their emotions and views following the terrible events that unfolded in Boston on Monday night. It makes no logical sense to ever cause such destruction, but it is even more touching when you consider the people involved were supporting an event which is largely charity based.

There is a widely felt mindset following the tragedy that many understandably voice, which is the questioning of mankind and of the world we live in. But whilst keeping your thoughts for those affected in your mind, if you take a minute to consider that the number of people who always help and always look to spread good even in such adverse times, then you will recognize that good will always out number evil.

As the good of humanity support each other once again and stand tall, so too will sports. One of the world’s most popular activities for enjoyment and escape from the madness of everyday life is sports. Again it will attempt to stand strong in the face of adversity and battle on.

For the weekend following the dark turn of events is the world’s most famous marathon, the London Marathon. Yet, despite fears and concerns, it will go-ahead as planned, with added security measures in the hope nothing similar occurs again. Instead, the Marathon shows the strength and affects that sports can have, it will put on a show just like London has done in previous times of negativity and collect a vast group of people together all in the support of other human beings. London’s organizer’s are “absolutely confident” that all will be OK as it was last summer at the Olympic Games, without a murmur of trouble.

We have seen such resilient power from sports in the past too. From individuals being supported through-out life threatening situations, such as that of soccer player Fabrice Muamba last year, to the immediate bounce back at the 1996 Atlanta games following an initial deadly bombing. Those in sports have been strong promoters of positivity in society, with anti-racism acts such as the ‘Black Power Salute‘ at the 1968 Olympics and a 20 year battle to bring justice to the 96 people who lost their lives in the 1989 Hillsborough Tradegy.

The tens to hundreds of people who helped out the affected in Boston are the latest example of those in sports striving to keep the world a better place. Normal sporting physios attempting tasks beyond their realms. Sports will always stand strong, and they will always help people bounce back as best as possible. Let’s hope that begins successfully in London on Sunday, as I’m sure it will.


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