20 Coolest Mustaches in Sports

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Who Sports the Best Mustache?

Source: Kevin Hoffman- USA Today Sports

The NHL was in a lockout during the normal month of “Movember.” Since they’re finally back into play, it’s time to recognize those players that like to sport facial hair.

Not every girl loves it, but the guys see it as a sense of accomplishment. If you can grow a successful mustache or beard then you feel a sense of accomplishment. So it’s time to honor those players that have the coolest mustaches and facial hair out there.

Athletes tend to make their mustache’s unique to give everyone a good laugh and show off their precise shaving skills. I didn’t include the best of all time, rather athletes that have been in the big leauges the last couple of years, or at least coaches that are constantly in the media.

Some of them have a full-out, hairy stache, while others make their shaving lines extremely precise and thin. Either way, these 20 guys stand out and they have mustaches that you won’t want to miss.

You’d think that hockey players would rule the world of cool mustaches considering they always take part in “No-shave November.” However, there are a wide variety of athletes that sport their beard all year round.

So who do you think deserves a top spot on the list? I did my best to include those with some pretty memorable facial hair. The majority of these guys still have their unique mustaches but a few of them may have been shaved recently. Take a look and enjoy!

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Andy Reid

Source: Brian Spurlock- USA Today Sports

Andy Reid just wouldn't be the same without his mustache. Last year he decided to grow it out even longer in honor of his high school football coach that passed away.

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Mike "Fluff" Cowan

Source: Debby Wong- USA Today Sports

Fluff is considered one of the best professional caddies on the PGA Tour. His nickname comes from his resemblance to golfer Steve Melnyk.

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Derek Holland

Source: Mark J. Rebilas- USA Today Sports

Some people consider Holland's mustache the "worst" in sports history, but that's what makes it cool. He clearly can't grow it out so the gap in the middle just makes it even more hilarious.

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Clay Zavada

Source: Chris Morrison- USA Today Sports

Zavada isn't quite in the big league anymore but he is well-known for his mustache that resembles Rolling Fingers.

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John Axford

Source: Jake Roth- USA Today Sports

Last year, Axford won the Robert Goulet Memorial Mustached American of the Year Award so he clearly deserves a spot on the top-20 roster.

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Richard "Goose" Gossage

Source: David Banks- USA Today Sports
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Joba Chamberlain

Source: Kim Klement- USA Today Sports

Joba's "Super Trooper" mustache was pretty memorable. However it wasn't bringing him much luck with his ERA being over 20 so he shaved it off a couple of weeks ago.

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George Parros

Source: James Guillory- USA Today Sports

Parros may have one of the most memorable mustaches in all of sports history. He's not exactly the friendliest looking hockey player and the stache just completes the look.

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Drew Gooden

Source: Tom Szcerbowski- USA Today Sports

Honestly, the only reason why Gooden's looks cool is because it's so thin. He must have some precise shaving to get that thin of a mustache.

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Mike Ditka

Source: Jerry Lai- USA Today Sports

This stache was popular back when Ditka was coaching the Chicago Bears. It may be a little more gray now but it's still his signature look.

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Michael Phelps

Source: Matthew Emmons- USA Today Sports

Phelps just recently joined the world of mustaches. Although it's not the best one out there yet, it looks like he is off to a good start.

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Jayson Werth

Source: Steve Mitchell- USA Today Sports

It may not be the most unique mustache out there, but Werth definitely knows how to keep it looking spiffy.

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Eric Wedge

Source: Mark J. Rebilas- USA Today Sports

Wedge has quite the unique facial hair going on. He doesn't always have the beard but sometimes has the stache going all the way down his chin.

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James Harden

Source: Matthew Emmons- USA Today Sports

I think the beard is what makes the overall look; either way it looks pretty cool.

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Richard Petty

Source: JD Mercer- USA Today Sports

There are two things that this NASCAR driver is famous for: his signature hat and his bushy mustache.

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Brett Keisel

Source: Charles LeClaire- USA Today Sports

Between the mustache and the beard, Keisel has quite the crazy facial hair going on. It's long, it's full, and he even has a little bit of curl to the ends of his stache.

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Rollie Fingers

Source: Jake Roth- USA Today Sports

Perhaps the most famous mustache of all time for MLB, Rollie Fingers has always had one of the sweetest mustaches out there. He's always known how to add the perfect curly-Q to the end of his stache.

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Brian Wilson

Source: Kelley L. Cox- USA Today Sports

Wilson has some crazy facial hair going on. At first glance, you would probably assume that the beard and mustache are fake, but they really are completely natural.

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DeShawn Stevenson

Source: Tom Szcerbowski- USA Today Sports

Stevenson's isn't that "special" but he has been growing it out for such a long time that he deserves some recognition for his facial hair.

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Ian McCall

Source: Steve Mitchell- USA Today Sports