Rutgers University Suspends Head Lacrosse Coach For Verbal Abuse Allegations

By Paul Seaver
The Star Ledger-USA Today Sports

More abuse allegations at Rutgers University have surfaced as the school has made the decision to suspend head lacrosse coach Brian Brecht for verbal allegations.

This decision of course comes on the heels of the whole Mike Rice fiasco in which the men’s head basketball coach was accused of throwing basketball, shoving players, and verbally abusing his student athletes. Well, Rutgers originally made the decision to suspend Rice, but amid the video release and continued public outcry, Rice was fired just a few weeks ago. In addition, athletic director Tim Pernetti — who at the time was considered a finalists for National Athletic Director of the Year — was forced to resign.

Now however, another abuse story has surfaced with the claims against Brecht. Obviously those claims have now warranted action as the university made the decision to suspend him. With that being said and with this coming on the heels of Rice’s dismissal, those claims can’t be all that comparable given the fact that Brecht has only been suspended. However, it’s still a bizarre situation and one that the university certainly doesn’t want.

Interim athletic director Carl Kirschner is reviewing practice tapes of all sports at Rutgers following the Rice firing. In addition, Kirschner has recently been busy with the school’s decision to hire Eddie Jordan to replace Rice. Jordan, a former Rutgers player in the 70s, is still awaiting official ruling on his hiring, but multiple reports indicated on Thursday that the two sides have reached an agreement.

Jordan’s hiring is likely to becoming official on Tuesday following a contract review from the university’s board.


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