A Look at 14-Year Old Seventh Woods' Insane Highlight Mixtape (Video)

By Paul Seaver

His name is Seventh Woods. Write the name down now because if his highlight reel mixtape is any indication of how skilled he’s going to be down the line, basketball fans are surely in for a treat.

Actually, it’s not just about how skilled he is going to be — more so about how skilled he already is.

Woods, a 6-foot-2 point guard out of the Hammond School in South Carolina is quickly sweeping the basketball world following the release of his most recent mixtape. I don’t even need to hype this kid up, his play and skill level speaks for itself. Not once, not twice, but all throughout the tape, his moves are just that ridiculous.

The biggest factor to keep in mind when watching Woods’ mixtape is the simple fact that he is 14-years old. Yes, 14! He’s a freshman and a member of the class of 2016. His mixtape looks like he has the ability to play at the collegiate level next season, but keep in mind he still has a number of years remaining at the high school level.

Woods is a budding high school prospect who already has made a name for himself despite his young age and downright, through the roof potential.

Woods’ recruitment is only getting started, but it’s not going to take long for his name to emerge atop the class of 2016 rankings as interest from nearly every one of the top collegiate programs is sure to be imminent.


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