2013 NFL Draft: Did D.J. Fluker Admit on Twitter to Taking Money While at Alabama?

By Dan Parzych
(Daniel Shirley/USA Today Sports)

The 2013 NFL Draft is just a few days away and while the last thing any prospect needs this week is controversy–it looks like Alabama‘s D.J Fluker could be under the microscope this week thanks to a controversial comment posted on his Twitter account.

As you can see, Fluker claims that he took money during his time at school and as expected–the message has been deleted since (thanks to Landon Howell for getting a screen shot before it was removed). And of course, Fluker claims that his Twitter account was “hacked into” and he wasn’t the one who posted the message–but this wouldn’t be the first time an athlete would claim someone else got access to their social media account.

Unfortunately, college athletes receiving money is an issue that has been going on for a few years now and as bad as it sounds–it wouldn’t come as a surprise if Fluker’s tweet–whether it was him or not–ended up being true. Other players have admit to accepting money in the past and it’s no secret there are plenty of college athletes accepting money–they just haven’t come across to admitting it yet.

When looking at some of the top offensive tackles from this year’s draft class, Fluker ranks up near the top with the rest of them, but it will be interesting to see whether or not this controversy plays an impact on where he lands in the first or second round. There are plenty of teams in need of help with their offensive line heading into the 2013 season and when looking what Fluker accomplished at Alabama–there’s no question he has what it takes to be effective as a rookie.

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