Auburn Oaks at Toomer's Corner Cut Down After Long History of Celebrations

By Paul Seaver

In some rather sad news from the south or rather odd news if you’re from the north and simply don’t understand the tradition of the Auburn Tigers‘ football celebrations, workers began the removal of the oaks at Toomer’s Corner on Tuesday morning.

Toomer’s Corner is simply the well-known name for an area of celebration for the Tigers and their fans and it’s a tradition that has carried on that way for a number of decades now. Fans have gathered at Toomer’s Corner year in and year out now, rolling two giant oak trees at the center of the block between Magnolia Avenue and College Street.

This past weekend, fans gathered one final time at the trees following Auburn’s spring game which was watched by a record 83,401 fans. They responded obviously by rolling the trees, one final time. Well, now they are being torn down, chunk by chunk. If you are unfamiliar with the tradition or the importance that the area and these two beloved trees have, not only for Auburn, but even for college football as a whole, then you are probably rolling your eyes.

Well, it’s news to some. College football fans may even remember the last time that Toomer’s Corner was in the news when an Alabama Crimson Tide fan poisoned the trees in January of 2011. Well, that man — Harvey Updyke Jr. — was sentenced to three years in prison for his actions just last month. Okay, so now we understand the importance of these trees and their tradition in Auburn.

It’s a sad day for Auburn fans, but a memorable one clearly. If you’d like you can even search and watch the live video of the tree’s removal. Now that’s dedication to tradition.


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