Derrick Rose Caught Eating Candy on the Bench

By Renae Juska
Source: Mike DiNovo- USA Today Sports

Just when you think the Chicago Bulls are going to get Derrick Rose back on the court, you see him acting like a little kid at the end of the bench. I’m not sure who shot this video, or why they did, but they caught Rose in action.

What exactly was Rose doing? He was eating candy on the end of the bench. But he wasn’t just popping the little sweets into his mouth; he looked like a little kid that was trying to steal cookies from the cookie jar without his parents knowing.

I know you’re thinking, why should we be concerned about this? First of all, this isn’t exactly the “healthiest” diet that an injured player should be on. Second, back in 2011 Rose was diagnosed with stomach ulcers. Candy is not going to help stomach ulcers by any means!

Apparently in 2010, Rose hired a new chef to help improve his diet and to lay-off the junk food. From candy, to chips and fast food, he needed the new diet all around. He claimed that candy was his “poison” back in the day. According to his teammates back then, his diet consisted of Starburst, gummy bears, Twizzlers and Honey Buns; not quite the ideal diet for a professional athlete.

Come on Derrick Rose, we want to see you back out on the court. You had to hire a chef two years ago, but you should know what a healthy diet consists of by now. Stop acting like a kid and ditch the candy diet, or at least don’t eat it in front of the public eye!

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