New Hampshire Shot Putter Cameron Lyle Understands the Big Picture

By Kris Hughes
Image Courtesy – Daily Mail UK

When you’re a 22 year old athlete like New Hampshire shot putter Cameron Lyle, there is plenty of privilege in your life, but that privilege — for those that understand its value — oftentimes creates a sense of understanding the bigger picture.

With only two collegiate track meets left in his career — one of those being the America East Championships — Lyle has made a decision that will end his athletic endeavors, but, in turn, will help a 28 year-old male he may never meet to enjoy at least a few more months of life, and to him, that’s worth it all.

According to a report in the Eagle Tribune, Lyle will donate bone marrow to an individual who is fighting lymphoblastic leukemia — and for whom the odds of him being an exact donor match were 1 in 5 million:

They told me it was a one in 5 million chance of me being a match for a non-family member. They gave me the timeline and everything’s been moving quickly after that.

He has six months to live and I have the possibility to buy him a couple more years.

According to legal standards, Lyle and the undisclosed recipient cannot meet for a 12-month period after the date of donation. We can all only hope that this meeting eventually happens, not only for the recipient to meet the man that helped him extend a life hanging in the balance, but for Cam Lyle to see through his extraordinarily unselfish deed through to its fruition.

Continue to make the abject generalizations about “dumb jocks” and spoiled student-athletes if you must, but when you do, know that Cam Lyle isn’t the only example of these guys and gals that see the bigger picture beyond their own classrooms and locker rooms.

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