San Francisco Giants Ranked As The "Most Engaged" MLB Fan Base

By Paul Seaver
Kelley L. Cox-USA Today Sports

In today’s day and age, social media is a budding giant. Professional organizations — especially in sports — must take advantage of what Facebook and Twitter for example, have to offer. It’s a great way to engage fans and make fans feel accompanied by their team and what is happening both on and off the field.

In Major League Baseball — according to a recently-published ranking from online ticket broker TicketCity — the San Francisco Giants were considered to be the “most engaged” fan base. The New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox, were not too far behind in these specific rankings, coming in at two and three, respectively.

The rankings were compiled through a mix of social media fans and actual attendance at ball games. Of course, not all fans can be in attendance each game, so that’s one of the many advantages that social media presents. Teams and organizations can interact with fans, not only inside the ballpark, but also outside and across the country if need be.

The Austin, Texas-based firm said that the Giants come out on top based on “an algorithm that evaluates fan activity in terms of home game attendance (percentage of total capacity), median ticket price, ticket demand and social media following.” So, although the Yankees and Red Sox for example, have more fans on both Facebook and Twitter, the Giants are considered to be the more engaged organization based on that specific algorithm.


Take a look below at the Top Ten in Major League Baseball:

1. San Francisco Giants: Twitter 413K, Facebook 1.7M  Total 2.11M); 2012 attendance 3.37M

2. New York Yankees: Twitter 872K, Facebook 6.3M (Total 7.17M); 2012 attendance 3.54M

3. Boston Red Sox: Twitter 423K Facebook 3.7M (Total 4.1M) 2012 attendance 3M

4. Los Angeles Dodgers: Twitter 269.8K, Facebook 1.3M (Total 1.57M); 2012 attendance 3.34M

5. Philadelphia Phillies: Twitter 753.4K, Facebook 1.3M (Total 2M); 2012 attendance 3.56M

6. Texas Rangers: Twitter 269K, Facebook 1.4M (1.67M); 2012 attendance 3.46M

7. Detroit Tigers: Twitter 243K, Facebook 1.1M (Total 1.3M); 2012 attendance 3M

8. St. Louis Cardinals: Twitter 271.8K, Facebook 1.4M (Total 1.67M); 2012 attendance 3.26M

9. Chicago Cubs: Twitter 226.7K, Facebook 1.7M (Total 1.9M); 2012 attendance2.9M

10. Baltimore Orioles: Twitter 133K, Facebook 458K (691K); 2012 attendance 2.1M


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