Barry Sanders Wins Madden Cover Vote Over Adrian Peterson

By Phil Naegely

It involved 64 NFL past and current players, and ended with two finalists before the final announcement. ESPN held a one-hour SportsNation special to announce the winner. It included some candid trash talking between Barry Sanders and Adrian Peterson and some musical performances prolonged the announcement. After many votes and a lot of suspense, legendary running back Sanders defeated Peterson and was named the winner of the Madden Cover for the 25th anniversary of Madden. Sanders received 58% of the votes.

Both of these finalists have incredible statistics, and I would have been happy with either on the Madden Cover. However, I am also pleased to see Sanders on the cover. Now there is no chance that Peterson is affected by the infamous madden cover curse. It would have stunk to see Peterson to not be successful after having a triumphant 2013 season

The Detroit Lions tweeted their congratulations and a picture of Sanders on the Madden Cover.

Here is the cover! Congratulations,…

— Detroit Lions (@DetroitLionsNFL) April 25, 2013


This was a great idea by EA Sports to allow the public have a say in whom to put on the cover. They end up buying the game, but will enjoy it even more now they had a say in the game’s cover. Interestingly enough, this is also the first year that players who played on the same team have been on the Madden Cover in back-to-back years. Last year, Calvin Johnson was the face of Madden.

Now the public has to wait to own their copy of Sanders on the cover. The 25th anniversary addition of Madden will come out on August 27 in the United States.

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