Former Detroit Lions RB Barry Sanders Named to Cover of Madden 25

By Paul Seaver

EA Sports and Madden NFL are celebrating their 25th season this year and the release for the Madden 25 is on the horizon this summer. The latest edition of the infamous video games will be released on Aug. 27.

The hype surrounding the release of the new Madden is an annual thing, but this year it is special, not only because of its 25 years of service, but also because of who was recently named to the cover. On Wednesday evening, EA Sports concluded its #Madden25Vote, naming former Detroit Lions running back Barry Sanders to this year’s cover.

As you can tell from the released graphic, Sanders will become the first player already elected to the NFL Hall of Fame prior to be named to the cover to be selected. Sanders won the “Old School” cover portion of the contest and then edged Adrian Peterson from the “New School.” With the debatable “Madden Curse” being handed down from cover to cover, Sanders gives new meaning to things. He’s already retired, so with his career numbers are already set in stone, therefore there’s no reason for him to worry about his performance. ranks Sanders as the 17th best football player of all-time. The 10x NFL Pro Bowlers rushed for 15,269 yards in his illustrious career, scoring 109 touchdowns in the process. There is no doubt that Sanders is one of the greatest running backs to have ever played in the NFL and the Madden 25 cover is just the latest proof to that.


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