Tiger Woods Asks Lindsey Vonn to Move In With Him

By Dan Parzych
(Paul Bussi/USA Today Sports)

The argument can be made that Tiger Woods and Lindsey Vonn are the hottest couple in sports at the moment considering everything they’ve gone through over the last couple of years. From Vonn’s ex-husband posting hilarious tweets about Tiger during the Masters to the re-storing of his image following his sex scandal from a few years ago, it truly is amazing how Woods and Vonn have managed to come together over the last couple of months.

In fact, things appear to be going well enough where Woods is comfortable enough to ask Vonn to move in with him.

That’s right, it looks like one of te biggest power couples from sports has decided to take their relationship to the next level by agreeing to live together–with Woods’ $60 million home in Florida being the destination. Hopefully, this situation turns out better than the last time Woods lived with a female (too soon?) considering he most likely doesn’t want to deal with the aftermath again of the mistakes he made a few years ago during the sex scandal.

Who knows–maybe this is the right move to help Woods take his game to the next level. Clearly, things must be going well enough if Woods is already asking Vonn to move in with him at this point in the relationship and at this rate–it wouldn’t be a surprise if wedding bells ended up being right around the corner for this happy couple.

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