Boston Red Sox: Neil Diamond Donating "Sweet Caroline" Sales to One Fund Boston

By Paul Seaver
Bob DeChiara-USA Today Sports

The established connection between the Boston Red Sox, Neil Diamond and the city as a whole has really come to the forefront in the past week and a half.

Boston fans are obviously well aware that in the middle of the eighth inning at all home games, the Red Sox and their fans tune in and sing along to Neil Diamond’s famous “Sweet Caroline.” Well, following last Monday’s bombings at the finish line of the 2013 Boston Marathon, the song has been taken to the next level and has been played at ball parks and sporting events through the United States. In turn, the sales of “Sweet Caroline” have skyrocketed.

The sales “Sweet Caroline” have spiked and increased by 597% over the course of the last week, as over 19,000 tracks have been purchased. With the increase, Diamond has made the pledge to donate that revenue from the increase in sales to One Fund Boston in the city’s relief efforts to help the victims and those affected by last week’s tragic explosions.

Nielsen Entertainment released the news of the increased “Sweet Caroline” sales and it certainly shouldn’t come as much of a surprise. The increase in its attention has become a sense of togetherness, not just for the Red Sox and the city of Boston, but in fact for all those in support.

Together “Sweet Caroline” has become one of the main symbols of #BostonStrong.


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