Australian Field Hockey Player Dies After Being Bitten By Venomous Snake, Then Going For Run

By Paul Seaver
James Snook-USA Today Sports

In some rather bizarre news that has circulated onto the internet from Darwin, Australia, Karl Berry — a field hockey player in his native land — died after being bitten by a venomous snake.

Berry was heading out a run in Australia’s tropical Northern Territory when he picked up a snake that he believed to be normal and nonvenomous. Well, Berry was wrong and the consequences were dire. Berry was bitten by a king brown snake that was indeed venomous. The snake snapped at his hand, but Berry threw it on the bushes and continued to prep for his run.

Berry began his run, but after 1.2 miles, he collapsed. Paramedics said that Berry was conscious when they arrived, but that he did not mention the bite right away. The run made it easier for the venom to circulate around his body, effectively causing the collapse after just 1.2 miles.

Berry was just 26 years old.

As much of the story is saddening, it’s even more bizarre. You try and think of how many individuals would just casually pick up a snake and that number isn’t very high at all — and it’s for reasons like this one. Berry obviously didn’t feel or anticipate the snake to be dangerous or for that matter venomous, but even after he was bitten, did he not think it was a big deal?

Berry should have sought medical attention right away, instead he decided to go on with his run.

In hindsight, this story does shed light on another interesting twist. Australia has male field hockey, who wouldn’t thought?


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