John Calipari's Daughter, Erin, Takes Shot at Rick Pitino Over Louisville Tattoo

By Dan Parzych

For the college basketball fans out there, it’s no secret how much Louisville Cardinals and Kentucky Wildcats fans hate one another and next season will certainly be interesting as both schools are expected to be two of the top teams in the country. After Louisville made a miraculous run during the 2013 NCAA Tournament to win the national championship, head coach Rick Pitino followed through with the promise to his players about getting a tattoo on his back.

Of course, Pitino’s decision to follow through with his bet opened up the door for Erin Calipari to chime in on the matter–which she did the other day on her Twitter page.

When looking at her Twitter page, Calipari has been taking quite the heat from Louisville fans lately, but this was a poor comeback attempt on her end considering a tattoo on his back is not a big deal. Pitino was just following through with a bet he made with his players to provide them with a little extra motivation to win this year’s tournament and if anything–he should be happy with the fact that it worked.

These two schools will always hate one another and the fact that Calipari’s own daughter is willing to take shots at Pitino through social media shows just how intense this rival really is. Still, if this is the best comeback Erin can come up with when it comes to ripping on the Cardinals–it’s kind of sad on her end.

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