Tampa Bay Rays Reporter Kelly Nash Nearly Gets Hit With Baseball While Taking Selfie at Fenway Park

By Dan Parzych
(Kelly Nash on Twitter)

Whether people want to admit it or not, everybody is guilty of taking the classic “selfie” photo at some point in their life–whether it’s taking place at a party or even just a concert. As for Tampa Bay Rays reporter Kelly Nash–it’s safe to say she’s going to be extra careful when she’s taking selfies after a close call at Fenway Park.

As you can see in the photo above, Nash took a photo of herself during batting practice before a Boston Red Sox game and was nearly hit in the head with a baseball when she had her back turned. While the odds of something like this happening seem like one in a million, it’s even more crazy that Nash was able to get a shot of the baseball in the actual photo considering how difficult it must have been to time that perfectly.

Luckily, Nash didn’t suffer any injuries from this incident and seems to be in the type of mood where she can at least joke about what happened. A note to you sports fans that love to take selfies at sporting events–make sure to take every precaution possible and eliminate any risk of suffering a serious injury like the one Nash almost had to deal with.

On a positive note–at least Nash is becoming quite the popular celebrity as her photo is quickly taking the internet by storm as everyone seems amazed at how close she was to being hit with that baseball.

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