Tim Tebow Receives Offer to Coach LFL Team Following Release From New York Jets

By Dan Parzych

One of the biggest stories from the NFL world on Monday involved Tim Tebow and how the quarterback was finally released by the New York Jets–which shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone considering the team’s been trying to complete a trade with him since the NFL Combine in February. When it comes to his future, nobody knows at this point whether or not Tebow will play in the NFL again, but there’s a good chance the quarterback will at least be able to weigh a few options when it comes to his next job–which includes an offer to coach in the Legends Football League.

Yes, you read that correctly as the LFL apparently made an offer to Tebow to become a quarterbacks coach–which is ironic considering how much he struggled as a quarterback at the NFL level. The chances of Tebow accepting this offer are about as good as Lindsay Lohan staying away from the clubs on a weekend, but it’s still funny to imagine the former first-round pick coaching a Lingerie Football League.

As far as Tebow’ future in the NFL–nobody really knows what to expect at this point considering it’s difficult to imagine any team expressing interest in a player that struggles to even pass the football the correct way. There may be a few teams willing to give him a shot at a different position, but the chances of him starting as a quarterback seem as likely as him accepting this gig in the LFL.

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