Chicago Blackhawks Success Due to "Tremendous Amount of Sex"

By Renae Juska

Okay, so the title may not be as interesting as it sounds. Sports announcers tend to have slip-ups with athlete names but CSN’s Susannah Collins made a little bit different mistake. Let’s just say that she acknowledged the Chicago Blackhawks‘ success this season due to the amount of sex that they’ve had.

This is one of the funnier slips that I’ve seen. The Blackhawks set an NHL record and are going into the Stanley Cup Playoffs with a strong record. At least she got the fact right that the Blackhawks have had an exceptional season. It’s the thought that matters, right? Not quite, but maybe Collins should slow down considering she was talking at a pretty fast rate.

But when you think about it, maybe they are getting laid a little more often than usual; her accidental slip-up might actually make some sense. As a professional athlete, I’m sure it’s easier to get the ladies when your team is the best in the league.

I know she just got a little tongue-tied but at least we got a good laugh. Collins has already mentioned her mistake on Twitter. But hey, at least she’s gaining followers, that should increase her popularity a little bit.

At least Collins just made a pronunciation error and it could have been worse. For example, in January, Bobby Knight didn’t know the difference between the game clock and shot clock . I guess we didn’t get to see Collins announce the game, but I’m hoping she knows the basic rules of hockey.

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