Barry Bonds "Say No to Drugs" Baseball Card Selling For 100K on Ebay

By Paul Seaver

Whelp, Barry Bonds is in the news again. But don’t worry, it’s not him who is making headlines, but rather one particular Ebay seller who is trying to get rid of one of Bonds’ baseball trading cards.

For a cool, $100,000 you can own an autographed Bonds trading card that also include the hand-written slogan “Say No to Drugs.” Okay, you can put the irony together yourself in terms of this one. Obviously, Bonds has been linked to the use of steroids throughout his career. Despite now being retired from the game of baseball, he has yet to receive an invite or election into the Baseball Hall of Fame — keep in mind that he is the all-time leading home run hitter in the game’s history. There is also continued speculation over whether or not Bonds will ever get invited to the Hall of Fame, simply because of the era in which he highlighted.

Credit- Busted Coverage

Now back to the trading card. First of all, this is on Ebay. Why would anyone go ahead and buy this card for $100,000 by simply looking at it through a computer? If this trading card is A) even worth that much and B) actually exists in the condition it is described then hey, maybe the seller is on to something. However, is Ebay really the place to sell it if so? Who would pledge $100k online for this Barry Bonds trading card?

The good news is that if someone does buy it for $100,000 they do get free shipping. Man, what a deal!


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