Basketball Tandem Converts Amazing Alley Oop (Video)

By Paul Seaver

When converting the perfect alley-oop attempt, the passer can almost be considered more important than the one actually finishing the dunk.

Well, in a charitable basketball game for the CRL Good Life Foundation, one tandem took the opportunity to wow the crowd while getting a little fancy with no defense around. Thanks to WGNO in New Orleans, we have video of this amazing alley-oop.

The first guy leads the way taking one dribble through his legs then bouncing it around the back of his body. He then uses the back of his leg to flip a perfect — and I mean perfect — pass off the glass. You can guess the end result of the play as the second player soars in and catches the flip pass of the glass and slams it home. In turn, the small gymnasium was sent into a frenzy.

We have seen some great alley oops over the years — most of which have recently come to include Miami Heat star LeBron James, who seems to be on the receiving end of at least one alley oop dish each game. This one however, albeit is not live action, is truly remarkable. The concentration and perfection that has to go into converting this alley-oop and pass especially, is nothing short of amazing.

Make sure to watch the video all the way through because they do slow things down and the view becomes a lot clearer.


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