CSN in Chicago Fires Susannah Collins Days After 'Tremendous Amount of Sex' Incident

By Dan Parzych
(Rob Grabowski/USA Today Sports)

As bad as it sounds, it’s always entertaining to see sportscasters slip on the air and make the blooper reel–which is exactly what happened to Susannah Collins earlier this week when she was covering the Chicago Blackhawks game. For those of you that may have missed it, Collins was covering the Blackhawks for CSN in Chicago for Game 1 when she said the team had a tremendous amount of “sex” instead of “success.”

While the mistake was funny to laugh about at first, it appears the slip-up may have played a role in Collins losing her job.

CSN in Chicago claims there were other reasons behind their decision to fire her (apparently people are coming across some inappropriate broadcasts from a few years ago), it’s quite a coincidence her firing came just a few days after the incident with the Blackhawks game.

Honestly, these types of slip ups happen and it seems a bit ridiculous that CSN in Chicago would fire her over something like considering it could have been a lot worse. On the bright side, at least Collins can see she’s a national icon as her video has been all over the internet since the slip up happened earlier in the week.

Based off her rising popularity over the last couple of days–all signs point to Collins landing a new job in no time. As mentioned before, these types of things happen when it comes to sportscasters and sometimes all you can do is laugh about it.

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