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15 Athletes Who Rock Beards Better Than You

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Best Beards in Sports

Source: Eric Mill- USA Today Sports

Some beards just looks like a big ball of scruff but others are pretty impressive. Either way, professional athletes pull them off the best. Since hockey playoffs are officially in action, it’s a good time to compare athletes’ beards from different sport.

There are epic beards in every professional sport. Sure, hockey tends to rule over the others but they do exist. It doesn’t matter the color, shape or size, athletes just have the ability to pull it off better than everyone else.

Facial hair is pretty much a love it or hate it feature. Some girls love it on the guys and others can’t stand it . Either way, guys love to go crazy when it comes to facial hair; it’s all about the way you shave it.

I’d have to say, hockey definitely doesn’t have all of beards. There are a variety of beards of all shapes and sizes. A normal person can’t necessarily pull off some of these beards.

These beards may give you a good laugh. Some of them are long, but others are just shaped in a very unique way. Some of these may look crazy, but at least these athletes are able to pull off the look.

If you haven’t checked out the coolest mustaches in sports then you should do that too! Take a look and see if you agree with the best beards in sports, enjoy!

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Brett Keisel

Source: Charles LeClaire- USA Today Sports

Honestly, if he wasn't a professional athlete then this look wouldn't be very good. Now it's his trademark beard and it would be extremely weird to see him without it.

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Brandon Bollig

Source: Jerome Milron- USA Today Sports

Bollig's beard is actually pretty cool. It's not too big or too small, yet is pretty unique when it comes to facial hair.

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Josh Reddick

Source: Kelly L. Cox- USA Today Sports

It's not as big as it used to be, but Reddick's beard was pretty wild for a while. However, when he trimmed it, he lost his bet with WWE star Daniel Bryan.

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Brian Wilson

Source: Andrew Weber- USA Today Sports

This is by far the most insane beard out there. It doesn't even look real! I guess it's just the texture of his hair but it's still pretty impressive.

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James Harden

Source: Brett Davis- USA Today Sports

Harden has more hair on his face than he does on the top of his head. I don't even know how to describe this beard, it's just pretty cool.

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Henrik Zetterberg

Source: Jerome Miron- USA Today Sports

Zetterberg is considered to have one of the "best" playoff beards in the NHL. I don't know why but everyone seems to love it.

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Brett Burns

Source: Jerome Miron- USA Today Sports

Burns' beard is just perfect for a hockey player. Not every guy can pull off the facial hair in a typical office setting but Burns definitely has the hockey beard down.

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John Axford

Source: Jake Roth- USA Today Sports

He may not be the best closing pitcher in the MLB but at least he can pull off the facial hair. Axford has had quite the interesting history when it comes to facial hair, especially with his unique mustaches.

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Paul Mera

Source: Tom Szcerbowski- USA Today Sports

It's big and bushy, kind of looks like a lumberjack beard. Not everyone can pull off the thick-haired beard but Mera definitely has one of the best beards in the NHL.

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Drew Gooden

Source: Jerome Miron- USA Today Sports

If I saw this beard on a random guy walking on the street, I might be confused. Luckily, Gooden is a professional athlete so he can pull off the crazy style.

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Jose Reyes

Source: Rick Osentoski- USA Today Sports

There is even a Twitter account dedicated to Reyes' beard. It's a little weird considering he doesn't have any hair on his head but at least he can pull it off.

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Jayson Werth

Source: Evan Habeeb- USA Today Sports

Werth also has a Twitter and Facebook account dedicated to his beard. His long hair just makes it look even crazier.

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Baron Davis

Source: Baron Davis- USA Today Sports

Not a lot of people can pull this look off.

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Dave Martinez

Source: Kim Klement- USA Today Sports

Once again, Martinez is one that has the ability to grow a full beard. He may look like he's directly from Cuba but at least it's a good beard.

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Randy Moss

Source: Kirby Lee- USA Today Sports