25 Most Underrated Sports Movies of All Time

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Underrated Sports Films


Sports movies are definitely my favorite films. Some of them focus on true stories and others are clearly just for a good laugh. Either way, they can teach you a good life lesson.

It’s pretty easy to point out the best sports movies. Classics like Hoosiers and The Blind Side always get the attention. The movies on this list aren’t like that. These are the underdogs when it comes to sports films.

Surprisingly, most of these films are from the 90’s. I don’t’ know why, but apparently they didn’t get much attention. If it weren’t for Netflix, I wouldn’t have even heard of a couple of these movies. In fact, these movies are slowly becoming more popular due to programs like Netflix and Hulu.

Most sports movies are inspirational and these definitely fit-in with the more popular films. Of course, some of them just provide us with some good humor but there’s always a story behind the humor. Other movies will make some people cry.

The best movies out there are the ones that involve drama because that’s what people like to watch. This list was actually a little hard to make. Some sports movies out there just absolutely suck, but these are ones that most people would enjoy.

I’m not exactly a movie expert, but sports movies are the one exception. Sports movies are pretty much the only ones that I will pay to see in theaters so I know them pretty well. You may agree or disagree with my opinions of these films but take a look and enjoy!

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Hoop Dreams

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I honestly hadn't seen this movie until a few months ago. It follows two young Chicago boys that struggle to become college basketball players. It truly is an inspiring sports film.

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Million Dollar Baby

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A League of Their Own

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Most sports films follow the lives of men. This one focuses on how women can be just as competitive as the guys. It's the story of two sisters that join the first female professional baseball league.

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White Men Can't Jump


This is a movie that everyone loves. Surprisingly, a lot of people haven't even seen it. It's one of the funnier sports movies out there and focuses on street basketball. Most sports movies out there focus on college or professional sports, not ones that an everyday person would play.

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The Sandlot


This film is a classic. Yeah, it's kind of a "kid" movie but we all enjoy it. It's one of the top grossing videos of all time yet just gets the credit for being a kid-friendly film.

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Tin Cup

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This is another movie that i hadn't seen until recently. It's actually a pretty realistic film considering it focuses on a washed-up golf pro. Tin Cup is easily one of the most underrated films that i've ever seen.

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Varsity Blues

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This movie barely got any attention but it really is a good film. It's a pretty realistic story-set but not as good as Friday Night Lights. Sure, it could use some better actors, but either way it's a film that I watch consistently.

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Sure, this is a very comedic film but it's definitely a good one. It's a mix between basketball and baseball so it's a film that any sports fan will love. It was made by the creators of South Park, so you know that you'll get a good laugh.

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This is the one movie that can make some guys cry. It's an inspiring story about a kid that had the dreams of playing football for the University of Notre Dame. In the end, his hard work work paid off and he got to get on the field.

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Field of Dreams


Okay, so this one may not be fully underrated but it's a great film. However, it takes place in Iowa so it's not exactly something you'd expect.

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I don't even remember this film coming out in theaters. However, I've recently seen it and it's actually a good one. It's the story of two baseball players that compete to beat out Babe Ruth's single-season home run record.

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Bad News Bears

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This one is an old film, but it's a classic. Since it's older film, it doesn't get very much attention anymore. The original film is definitely better than the re-make they had in 2005.

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Big Fan

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I hadn't even heard of this film until recently but it's actually pretty good. It follows the life of a crazy Giants fan. Big Fan may sound like it has a dumb plot but it is a decent film.

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All The Right Moves

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This is another film that is older and doesn't get much attention. It follows the story of a high school football player that is desperate for a scholarship.

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Cinderella Man


This boxing film, directed by Ron Howard, is based on the real life story of James Braddock. After it seems his career might over, Braddock returns to the ring to become a champion.

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This movie didn't live up to the hype it was geting, but it's still a must-watch for fans of Muhammad Ali. Will Smith transforms himself into the greatest of all-time and puts on one heck of a performance.

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Critics did not like this movie, but they never like sports comedies. "If you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball."

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Happy Gilmore


Another film that critics rated as awful, that's actually one of the best sports comedies of all-time. People still say lines from this movie 17 years after it was released. That speaks volumes.

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Talladega Nights


Most people just view this one as another Will Ferrell flick, but it's actually one of the most underrated sports films of all-time. The plot isn't great, but it's an entertaining movie from start to finish.

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The Replacements


If you can stomach Keanu Reeves and you like football, this movie is worth a watch. The title of the movie tells it all. During a pro football strike, owners are forced to hire replacement players.

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Cool Runnings

Cool Runnings

You have to go back 20 years for this underrated sports movie. The late great John Candy stars in this film about a real-life Jamaican bobsled team that made it to the 1988 Winter Olympics.

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Major League II


Major League II doesn't get near as much love as the first one does. It's certainly not a better film, but there are tons of classic one-liners in the sequel, mainly from Harry Doyle (Bob Uecker).

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Rocky IV


Some people vote this as their favorite of the Rocky films. But critics had mainly gotten off board by the time the fourth installment was released in 1985. The winter weather training montage, alone, makes this one worth watching.

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D2: The Mighty Ducks


It's not as good as the original, but D2 is still a classic. All the original Ducks return for the sequel and a few new faces are added too. Knuckle Puck.