Fake Derrick Rose Statue at United Center Mocking His "Play" in 2013

By Jeric Griffin
derrick rose statue

Somebody is about to get really angry. Well, they were probably already angry. A photoshopped statue of Derrick Rose sitting on the bench in street clothes has “appeared” outside the United Center before the Chicago Bulls‘ first game against the Miami Heat in their Eastern Conference Playoff series.

Is this a light-hearted basketball fan just having fun? Is it a die-hard Bulls fan pouring out his or her frustration the the former MVP hasn’t played a minute all season? Is it a statement that will hopefully provoke Rose into playing in this series against the Heat that the Bulls are surely to lose with or without him? Who knows?

On one hand, it’s funny. It would be like Indiana putting up a statue of Bob Knight throwing a chair. On the other hand, it’s sad that this franchise is ailing so since the dominant days of Michael Jordan and company. After all, Rose was the first Bull to be named an All Star since Jordan, so to say he means a lot to this club is an understatement. However, this little  humorous stunt is quite a statement itself and its a precursor to a dark and gloomy summer looming in Chicago.

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