Jacksonville Jaguars Fans Sign Petition to Force President Obama to Sign Tim Tebow

By Paul Seaver
Rob Foldy-USA Today Sports

A season ago, the Jacksonville Jaguars were rumored to be a potential landing spot for Tim Tebow.

That didn’t really turn out to be an option and instead the New York Jets were the ones who brought the heavily-criticized quarterback in. After a year of drama, on the field struggles and a media circus that was taken to another level even for New York — Tebow is now on the free agent market.

Jacksonville fans however, have never given up hope and now they are looking to prove their desire to bring him on board here in 2013. On Apr. 30, a few Jaguars’ fans made the decision to start a petition to President Barack Obama to force Jacksonville general manager David Caldwell to sign Tebow.

And no, this is not a joke.

According to the petition, the fans need 100,000 signatures and six days in, they have yet to clear 1,000. With the increased attention, there are sure to be more signatures coming in and let’s be serious — there might even be some non-Jaguars fans that may be interested in getting on board. Why? Well, Tebow isn’t exactly your Pro Bowl quarterback, so there could be the mindset of “hey, if you want him, I’ll sign this petition for you.”

Of course the state is very familiar with Tebow and his days at the University of Florida and it has become even more apparent that Jacksonville fans are either a) restless with their current quarterback situation or b) that much obsessed with Tebow.


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