NBC Makes The Right Call For Sunday Night Football Introduction With Carrie Underwood

By Dan Parzych



Over the last couple of weeks, everybody was wondering who would end up being Faith Hill’s replacement for the introduction segment on NBC’s Sunday Night Football for the upcoming NFL season. Turns out, NBC has officially found their replacement–the gorgeous Carrie Underwood.

As great of an opening segment Hill provided, there’s no question the addition of Underwood is a great move by NBC considering she’s one of the most beautiful and talented singers in the industry. Plus, Underwood is a big sports fan as well–which is a huge bonus for any football fan.

Underwood has taken the music industry by storm since winning American Idol back in 2005 as she’s managed to win six Grammy awards while creating numerous classic songs. She’s talented, she’s beautiful, and she has an amazing singing voice.

There were plenty of other talented singers that would have made a great addition for the introduction of Sunday Night Football, but NBC certainly made the right call here. Just when you thought Sunday Night Football couldn’t figure out a way to improve their coverage of Sunday Night Football, they go out and land the beautiful Underwood to cover the introduction each week.

Now, if only the NFL could figure out a way to make their Thursday Night Football coverage more exciting–then everything would be perfect for the 2013 season.

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