Video: Treadmill Dancing May Be the Coolest Workout For the Gym

By Dan Parzych
(Dave Wilson You Tube)

Everybody has their own way of training and working out, but it’s safe to say that no individual may have as much fun as this guy who appears to have created a sport of his own in treadmill dancing.

From spin moves to fancy footwork, this individual goes all out when it comes to creativity as he uses numerous treadmills at the gym for his run–which is simply just awesome. It’s one thing to move around on a treadmill without falling, but the fact that this guy manages to hop from machine to machine while keeping his balance and not falling once is pretty impressive.

Personally, I have enough trouble keeping myself entertained on the treadmill at the gym unless there’s a television to watch or I have my iPod to listen to–so this guy deserves all of the credit in the world for coming up with something creative to make his experience more entertaining. Of course, it’s difficult not to wonder what happens when the gym is a little more crowded since there’s a good chance the treadmills won’t always be that open.

Either way, let’s hope treadmill dancing becomes more popular across the country because from an entertainment perspective–it’s almost a guarantee that not everybody will be able to coordinate and keep themselves balanced as well as this guy in the video. Thanks to Next Time Pulse Sports for the tip on the video and please–be safe if you do end up trying this during your next gym visit.

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