Colorado Rockies Endearing Fans Through Commercials

By Jim Heath
Colorado Rockies
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The Colorado Rockies have always had a niche for drawing crowds to the ballpark. Much like most MLB franchises, the Rockies offer a multitude of promotions and standard “bobble head” nights. The Rockies are also based out of the collegiate like city of Denver, whose sports teams not only draw local fans, but the fans hundreds of miles from either direction of the state of Colorado, due to the fact that Denver sports are generally the only professional franchises in many Rocky Mountain states.

So, they certainly get a head start. The state of Colorado and surrounding states also offer some of the more knowledgeable, forgiving and loyal fans in the major sports markets. Which basically means, win, lose or draw – they show up.

Despite this geographic advantage and loyal fan base, the Rockies go above and beyond to maintain healthy numbers of spectators at the ballpark and from home watching on the television.

For years, the Rockies have had commercials during broadcasts of games that are made up of Rockies players. The commercials do a good job promoting the team, but they have another effect on Colorado fans. These commercials, often comical and other times rich in historical significance and nostalgia really personalize the players that make up the Rockies line-up cards with the fans that cheer them on.

2013 has brought a new batch of commercials to the local broadcasts, and like many things in life, experience has inevitably brought progress and the end result is getting better. The commercials have a way of showing fans the personalities of each ball player. And the ability to relate to the ball players at a personal level truly endears the Rockies fans to this team.

The early favorites of the 2013 commercials includes a comical glimpse at the generation gaps of the current team through walk up music media (view commercial), and one more serious look at Eric Young hitting the first homerun in Colorado at the old Mile High Stadium in 1993, inspiring the careers of Troy Tulowitzki, Carlos Gonzalez and Eric Young Jr (view commercial).

Whatever the initial goal of the Rockies commercials were, it is positive that the end result is a blend of humor, a sense of deeply embedded tradition, a taste of nostalgia and a ball club that relates to the fans on their level.

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