Nate Robinson Shines in the Spotlight of NBA Playoff Commercial

By Renae Juska
Source: Rob Grabowski- USA Today Sports

The NBA has made the finally made the last installment of 2013 playoff commercials to promote the remaining teams. It stars probably the last person you’d expect the NBA to focus on in a playoff commercial, Nate Robinson of the Chicago Bulls.

If you asked a Bulls fan back in August about Robinson, they probably wouldn’t have known much. Chicago is Robinson’s 5th team in the last 10 seasons, and he’s never been much more than an average player.  Robinson is only 5’9’’ so he looks like a little pipsqueak out on the court.

But when the Bulls finally realized that Derrick Rose wasn’t going to return, someone had to step up to the plate. He’s not the only player that has raised the level of play, but he is by far the most unexpected. If it weren’t for Robinson, the Bulls wouldn’t have made it through round one of the playoffs.

I think the NBA made a great decision by starring Robinson. Who would expect the 5’9’’ guy to anchor to the team? Absolutely nobody. It’s nice to see that they’re giving the underdog his time to shine.

Robinson doesn’t get as much credit as he deserves. Nobody has really given him the chance to step-up due to his height. He’s pretty lucky that the Bulls were bombarded with injuries this season, otherwise he may not have proved his ability.

The Bulls are tied 1-1 in the second round with the Miami Heat and will return to Chicago tomorrow for game three. Chicago and Miami fought through game two with verbal and physical attacks and Robinson was involved. However Joakim Noah and Taj Gibson  got ejected later on in that game.

So, can Robinson step up to the plate in the latter half of round two? I think he’s going to have the determination and desire so hopefully the rest of the team will step up to the plate once again. After all, we will be watching you Nate Robinson!

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