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10 Hottest NBA Playoff WAGs That Are Cheering For A Title

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10 Hottest WAGs of the NBA Playoffs


The NBA Playoffs are a great time of the year. There is a game nearly every day of the week, and there is never a shortage of drama. The players are laying it all on the line down on the court, and their wives and girlfriends are nervously cheering them on from their seats. These are stressful times for both the players and their significant others, so why not give the ladies some love?

As hard as the guys are fighting on the floor, their partners are on the sideline, unable to do anything but pray and will their loved ones on. When the game is over, they are there to help their men celebrate a huge win, or to comfort them after a tough loss. What they do is just as important as the medical staff, the trainers or equipment managers, and more important in most cases.

It doesn’t hurt that these ladies are some of the most beautiful women in the world. It is one of the many benefits of being a professional athlete, and just another reason for the Joe Six-Packs of the world to daydream about sinking jumpers instead of fixing leaks.

The majority of the following ladies have had successful careers of their own before hooking up with their ball-playing partners. There are musicians, models, actors and more. Their independence makes them even more attractive, and gives us yet another reason to be envious of the NBA Players hunting for a title.

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10. Nikki Sapp (Eric Spoelstra, Miami Heat)


Nikki Sapp is actually rubbing noses with a coach, and not a player, but the title is ambiguous and she is unbelievably hot. If that is not enough, she is a member of the Heat Dancers … ’nuff said.

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9. Alexis Welch (Amar’e Stoudemire, New York Knicks)

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With Alexis Welch sharing his home, it is no wonder Amar’e calls into work injured so often.

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8. Keri Hilson (Serge Ibaka, Oklahoma City Thunder)


Serge Ibaka has had a great year. He was given a nice pay raise from the Oklahoma City Thunder, he is back in the Playoffs and he is dating Keri Hilson. What could be better than that?

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7. Gloria Govan (Matt Barnes, Los Angeles Clippers)

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Matt Barnes may have made an early exit from the playoffs, but with Gloria Govan sharing his home, he won’t get much sympathy any time soon.

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6. Ayesha Alexander (Stephen Curry, Golden State Warriors)


This postseason has been Stephen Curry’s national coming out party. His play on the floor has been nothing short of spectacular, and with a wife as beautiful as Ayesha Alexander, we would expect nothing less.

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5. Tamia Hill (Grant Hill, Los Angeles Clippers)

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It seems like Grant Hill has been playing forever, but his game is timeless, just like his wife’s looks and music. Check out Tamia's Can’t Get Enough and tell me I’m wrong.

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4. La La Vasquez (Carmelo Anthony, New York Knicks)

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La La and ‘Mello have been one of the NBA’s most recognizable couples for quite some time. Whether it is magazine shoots or reality shows, we have gotten a good look at the couple and can’t help but cheer for them.

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3. Gabrielle Union (Dwyane Wade, Miami Heat)

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It takes a huge star to outshine Dwyane Wade, and Gabrielle Union does so with ease. She is a stunning beauty and might even be more famous than her two-time champion boyfriend.

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2. Amelia Vega (Al Horford, Atlanta Hawks)

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Al Holford has already left the playoffs and gone fishing. It is doubtful he will catch anything better than his wife Amelia Vega. A Miss Universe winner is about as good as it can ever get!

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1. Posrshla Cloeman (Jason Kidd, New York Knicks)

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You can talk all you want about Jason Kidd getting old and needing to hang it up, but one look at Porshla Colman and it is painfully clear he is at the top of his game.