Chip Kelly Gets Rid of 'Taco Tuesdays' and 'Fast Food Fridays' For Philadelphia Eagles Players

By Dan Parzych
(Howard Smith/USA Today Sports)

There was plenty of reasons surrounding the Philadelphia Eagles and their struggles during the 2012 season as they finished with a disappointing 4-12 record–which was extremely embarrassing since they started off the year with a 3-1 record. From the offensive line to the defense, there were numerous areas that played a big role in this team’s struggles, but it’s difficult not to wonder if the team’s poor eating habits had something to do with it.

Now that Chip Kelly has officially taken over as head coach for the Eagles, he’s decided to get rid of “Taco Tuesdays” and “Fast Food Fridays this year–instead replacing them with a healthier choice to benefit them from the 2013 season. For starters, it’s safe to say I speak for everyone else when I say why on earth was this type of food selection being promoted in the first place for this squad? As players, they should be doing whatever it takes to eat the proper foods and keep themselves healthy for the regular season.

No wonder Philadelphia has been one of the biggest disappointments in football over the last two seasons if Andy Reid was promoting this type of food selection. For a guy like Reid who has seen his fair share of jokes over the years when it comes to the type of food he eats, it’s safe to say everybody is making the assumption that it’s no surprise to hear about the team having Taco Tuesdays and Fast Food Fridays.

Thank goodness Chip is around to get rid of that and promote this team to eat healthier!

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