20 of the Hottest Athlete WAGs You Will Ever See

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Hottest Athlete WAGs on the Planet

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Every kid in the world probably spends at least half their childhood dreaming of becoming a professional athlete. Very few are actually talented and lucky enough to make their daydreams a reality, but that has never stopped a kid from holding out hope, and telling everyone who will listen what they plan to be when they grow up. It is a dream nearly every kid in the world dreams of, and when you look at the perks that come with the job, it is easy to see why.

There is the fame, the money, the feeling of the crowd screaming your name and the women…all of those beautiful women.

The following list serves as proof that professional athletes have it made. The gorgeous women that grace this list are among the most beautiful athlete wives and girlfriends we have ever seen. They are models, tennis stars, Olympians and much, much more. It would be easy to lose an entire day, flipping back and forth through these photos.

We have wives and girlfriends of quarterbacks, soccer stars, tennis players, golf pro’s and more, proving that no matter what sport is the center of a child’s dream, the reality is even better than imagined.

Of course, it is impossible to create a top 20 list of this magnitude, and not have those who disagree with the WAGs that have been included. There will also be those who take exception to some of their favorites that were left off of the list. If you fall into either of these two categories, or you feel like the list is just right, please be sure to leave your comments in the section provided below! You can also reach out to us via twitter using the hash tag #RML, or Rant My Life.

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20. Abbey Crouch (Peter Crouch-Stoke City, Premier League)

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Abbey Crouch makes the bottom end of our list only because of the damage she did to her face trying to augment her lips. As this photo clearly shows, she had no reason to change anything, and as the saying goes, you can’t mess with perfection. This is a lesson she has surely learned (Google it).

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19. Leryn Franco (Novak Djokovic, Tennis Pro)

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Leryn Franco is one Olympian we will not be forgetting any time in the near future!

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18. Michelle Wie (Robin Lopez-Phoenix Suns, NBA)

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Michelle Wie has never lived up to the hype that surrounded her when she first came onto the scene as a young golf sensation. She has, however, grown into a stunningly beautiful woman.

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17. Heather Mitts (AJ Feeley-Free Agent, NFL)

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Soccer star Heather Mitts is the complete package. She is hot, talented and if you are into that kind of thing, she kicks balls for a living.

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16. Katherine Webb (AJ McCarron-QB, University of Alabama)

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Katherine Webb caught the attention of broadcaster, Brent Musberger, who caught the attention of the world when he raved about her good looks. The moment was good for Webb who has had no shortage in job offers since that time.

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15. Caroline Wozniacki (Rory McIlroy, Pro Golfer)

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Tennis sensation Caroline Wozniacki is the first tennis player to make the list, and if you have seen her on, or off, the court, then you know why. She is smoking hot, athletic and has one of the best smiles in all of sports.

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14. Julie Henderson (Aaron Rodgers-QB, Green Bay Packers)


Aaron Rodgers just became the highest paid player in NFL history. Being married to model Julie Henderson is just the icing on the cake.

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13. Victoria Beckham (David Beckham-Paris Saint-Germain, F.C.)


Victoria Beckham is often thought of as the original WAG. I guess that is what happens when you are a hot pop singer who marries the hottest soccer player on the planet. The artist formerly known as Posh Spice belongs on any list of athlete WAGs. To leave her off would be paramount to WAG sacrilege.

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12. Ana Ivanovic (Vanja Udovicic-Water Polo, Serbia)

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There is not much that needs to be said about Ana Ivanovic. She is unbelievably hot, and if I had known she was into water polo players, I would have taken up the sport long ago!

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11. Yesica Toscanini (Juan Roman Riquelme-Boca Juniors, Argentina)

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Another model, Yesica Toscanini is so beautiful, she was pictured twice, here at number 11, and as the title image for this entire slideshow.

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10. Gabrielle Reece (Laird Hamilton, Pro Surfer)

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Gabrielle Reece is one of the hottest beach volleyball players in the world (for a full list of BVB beauties, click HERE). It should come as no surprise she is coupled with fellow beach bum, Laird Hamilton.

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9. Lindsey Vonn (Tiger Woods, Pro Golfer)

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Gold medals, World Championships and a laundry list of other awards and titles make Lindsey Vonn the most accomplished American skier we have ever seen. This is quite an accomplishment considering she is theoretically hot enough to melt snow.

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8. Maria Kirilenko (Alex Ovechkin-Washington Capitals, NHL)


Another tennis player, Maria Kirilenko, is insanely hot. It is a wonder her opponents are even able to concentrate when facing her across the net.

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7. Lisa Muller (Thomas Muller-Bayern Munich, German National)


Surprise! Another soccer WAG makes our list! She is the beautiful Lisa Muller, and she could easily have ranked much higher, but the competition for the top spot is delightfully tough!

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6. Brooklyn Decker (Andy Roddick, Tennis Pro)

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Okay, so Andy Roddick is now retired, but there is no way we can have a list of the hottest WAGs and not include Brooklyn Decker. Honestly, the retired husband part is probably all that kept her out of the number one spot.

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5. Melissa Satta (Kevin-Prince Boateng-AC Milan, EPL)

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This Italian beauty will make you wish you were a European Soccer star. Melissa Satta is amazingly beautiful, and she belongs near the top of any such list.

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4. Elisha Cuthbert (Dion Phaneuf-Toronto Maple Leafs, NHL)


Elisha Cuthbert recently topped a list of NHL WAGs HERE on Rant Sports, and it is easy to see why. This Canadian superstar is incredibly sexy and Dion Phaneuf is one lucky hockey player.

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3. Gisele Bundchen (Tom Brady-New England Patriots, NFL)

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Say the name Tom Brady and it is hard not to think of his supermodel wife, Gisele Bundchen. It is just one more reason for fans to hate the three-time Super Bowl champion with the movie star good looks! Gisele is one of Victoria’s Secrets we will not soon forget!

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2. Kate Upton (Justin Verlander-Detroit Tigers, MLB)

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The relationship between Justin Verlander and Kate Upton may have cooled off, but America’s love for this blonde vixen rages as hot as it ever has (for a complete list of Kate's best photos, click HERE)! It seems as though Kate is everywhere there are sports being played, and has twice graced the cover of SI’s Swimsuit magazine. Every photo of her is a revelation, making each one feel like you are meeting her again for the very first time.

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1. Irina Shayk (Cristiano Ronaldo-Real Madrid, F.C.)

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The exquisite beauty of Victoria’s Secret model, Irina Shayk, captured the attention of Cristiano Ronaldo, arguably the world’s best soccer player, giving us even more reason to be jealous of the Real Madrid forward. The two were recently seen smooching at the Madrid Open, and honestly, a finer couple would be tough to imagine. Irina tops our list as the hottest WAG in the world, and Ronaldo gets top honor as the luckiest guy ever.