2013 NBA Playoffs: Watch Tony Allen Throw a Towel on the Court During Derek Fisher's Shot in Game 5

By Dan Parzych
(Jerome Milon/USA Today Sports)

The Memphis Grizzlies took advantage of the Oklahoma City Thunder playing without Russell Westbrook in the Western Conference semifinals of the 2013 NBA playoffs to advance to the Western Conference Finals against either the San Antonio Spurs or the Golden State Warriors. With the way they’ve been playing, there’s every reason to believe the Grizzlies are capable of advancing to the NBA Finals, but their players will need to play smart if that has any chance of happening–especially when it comes to Tony Allen.

As you can see in the video above, Allen pulled off what may be one of the dumbest plays of the playoffs and the worst thing about it–he wasn’t even in the game at the time when it happened. During the middle of the third quarter, Derek Fisher of the Thunder was awarded with a four-point play after Allen threw a towel on to the court while Fisher was taking the shot.

Obviously, it doesn’t look like this was done on intentional, but Allen should consider himself lucky over the fact that Memphis had a strong lead when this incident took place. The last thing the Grizzlies would have wanted to see happen is find themselves in a close game where the four-point swing impacts the outcome of the game.

Coincidentally, Memphis won the game 88-84–so it is ironic how important those points were after all. Either way, the important factor is the Grizzlies won the game and Allen doesn’t have to feel as bad over the situation as he did before.

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