Jimmy Kimmel Gives Jarron Collins Hilarious 'I'm The Straight One' Shirt

By Dan Parzych
(Larry Brown Sports)

Over the last couple of weeks, one of the biggest stories in the sports world has involved Jason Collins announcing that he was gay–making him the first to do so in professional sports. Collins deserves all of the credit in the world for having the courage to come out considering it’s never the easiest topic to discuss, but with every story is at least one thing to laugh about–like people constantly mistaking Jason for his twin and vice versa.

Just like most twins, Jarron Collins has also been one of the most popular athletes over the last couple of weeks as he’s been mistaken for his twin brother numerous times by fans and quite frankly–it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise. Just look at the two brothers when they’re sitting side by side next to one another.

Jason and Jarron were recently guests on Jimmy Kimmel Live and if you haven’t see the interviews yet–it’s certainly something worth checking it out as Kimmel was hilarious as usual. Not only was it interesting to see Jason discuss the story on how he told Jarron, but one of the funniest things of the segment was when Kimmel decided to give Jarron a shirt that says, “I’m the straight one.”

As you saw during the interview, Jarron discussed how he gets mixed up for his brother sometimes and it was hilarious to see these two have a sense of humor over Kimmel’s gift. And to make things even better, Jarron was apparently spotted wearing the shirt out in public later that day–which is simply awesome.

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