Taryn Griffey, Daughter of Ken Griffey Jr., to Attend Arizona For Basketball

By Dan Parzych
(Mark J. Rebillas/USA Today Sports)

When you’re a son or daughter of Ken Griffey Jr., it’s safe to say you’re going to have some pretty nice athletic genes. As for Taryn Griffey, she’s been one of the most highly recruited prep basketball prospects and it looks like she’ll be attending the same college as her brother, Trey Griffey.

Taryn made the announcement this week that she’ll be attending Arizona for basketball during the 2013-14 season–which comes as quite the surprise considering there were plenty of other schools she could have attended with a better shot at competing for the national title. When looking at the Wildcats, this is a team that finished with a 12-18 record last season and the chances of them being a strong contender next year seem highly unlikely–so the decision came as quite the surprise.

Then again, a big part of Taryn’s decision to attend Arizona was clearly something to do with the fact that she would be attending the same school as Trey–who happens to be on the school’s football team. Even if this wasn’t the best decision from her perspective, the Wildcats have to be pleased with landing one of the best recruits in the country with Taryn.

Who knows–maybe Taryn is just the type of player they need to finally turn things around in Arizona after a disappointing 2012-13 season last year. It may take a year or two, but it’s certainly possible if Taryn can manage to make the players around her better as well.


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