Video of One of the Most Intense Female Arm Wrestlers You Will Ever See at the 2013 European Arm Wrestling Championship

By Dan Parzych

When it comes to sports, it’s always entertaining to see the facial expressions on some of the professional athletes. While it’s questionable whether or not arm wrestling an actual sport, fans can’t help but enjoy watching the matchup between these two ladies in what may be one of the most intense arm wrestling matches of all time.

Not only is this one of the most intense arm wrestling matches you may ever see, but the facial expressions on the one woman’s face are absolutely priceless. The event takes place at the 2013 European Arm Wrestling Championship and for a participant that put in a ton of effort with screaming and facial expressions–it’s kind of sad and disappointing that she went on to lose the event.

For those of you that were brave enough to watch the video above–I’m sorry you will never get those 28 seconds of your life back. Then again, if I had to take the time to watch the video a few times, clearly I was going to take down the rest of you with me–so I’m really not sorry at all.

Either way, you can’t help but laugh when viewing this video and if this woman is participating in the event at this time next year once again–you can count on this writer cheering for her to win the whole thing. If you think her reactions were intense just from this one matchup, imagine what type of reactions we would see from her if she finished as the champion.

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