Miami Heat Star Dwyane Wade Takes High School Girl to Prom on Night Off

By Connor Muldowney
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Miami Heat superstar Dwyane Wade pulled one of the more respectable moves of any athlete in recent memory. While he may not be the most liked player in the NBA, the star from Miami put on his ‘good guy’ suit and went to prom with a local high school girl on Friday night, granting her wish.

Nicole Muxo asked Wade to prom on a YouTube video and the guard took notice, accepting the invitation and making the girl’s dream come true.

You hear about players being asked to prom all the time, but most of the time you hear them talking about how flattered they are for the invite. Rarely do you hear about a player accepting the invite and actually attending the young high school student’s prom.

For most teens, this is one of the defining moments in a high school career, and something that may never be forgotten for as long as they live. For this young girl from the Miami area, it will be a night that her friends and family will never forget as well.

This is something special and a great move by a guy who proved that there are more important things in life than basketball. I’m not saying, by any means, that basketball takes a back seat to Muxo’s prom, but by Wade putting that as his top priority on a day off speaks volumes of the type of person he is.

One of the best sports stories that has come out in a while was made possible by a guy who is in the midst of chasing an NBA title.

Well done, Dwyane. Well done.

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