Pedro Martinez Claims Boston Red Sox Players Took Shots Before Games During 2004 MLB Playoffs

By Dan Parzych
(Bob DeChiara/USA Today Sports)

As if last season wasn’t embarrassing enough for the Boston Red Sox from a record standpoint, the team also found themselves in the middle of quite the controversy after rumors swirled about how the team would drink in the clubhouse before games. Now, it’s difficult not to wonder how long these kind of acts were going on for as Pedro Martinez has chimed in on the topic–saying the issue of players drinking in the clubhouse before games took place during the 2004 season.

Martinez conducted an interview over the weekend at the Pepsi MAX Field of Dreams Game how the team started a tradition before Game 4 of the ALCS against the New York Yankees in which players would take a shot of Mama Juana–which apparently has a some Latin rum in it. If you recall, this was the series that Boston pulled off one of the greatest postseason comebacks in playoff history as they overcame a 3-0 deficit before going on to win their first World Series title in 86 years.

“Everybody took a little bit from the top of the shot after we won the first game,” Martinez said. “Somebody did it before the game — it was Ellis Burks who wasn’t on the roster at the time who took the first shot. And then Millar jumped in. And then Johnny Damon jumped in. And everybody started jumping in, so we did it as a team unity to actually keep the same tradition going for the team. So we had to do it for the four games we beat the Yankees.”

Should this be seen as a big deal? Not at all. If anything–the only thing in question should be why Martinez is choosing to come out and talk about this now when it happened almost nine years ago.

If Shane Battier can admit to drinking a Bud Light before each game he plays in, there’s nothing wrong with what the Red Sox did here back in 2004–especially if it seemed to work and give them the type of confidence to rally against the Yankees to make history.

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