Kevin Durant Makes Generous $1 Million Donation to Victims of Oklahoma Tornado

By Renae Juska
Source: Jerome Miron- USA Today Sports

Many athletes go above and beyond to flaunt their massive amounts of money. Some spend it at the bars and others just buy houses and cars. Not every professional athlete makes the effort to publicize spending habits.

Kevin Durant of the Oklahoma City Thunder decided to donate $1 million to the Red Cross Relief Fund in order to help out the victims of last night’s tornado that swept through Oklahoma. But Durant decided to keep it classy, he didn’t make a big conference, he didn’t call in a bunch of news reporters, he simply just donated the money.  The Thunder organization confirmed the donation simply to state that Durant donated the money and it wasn’t a rumor

Durant wasn’t looking for attention from NBA fans; he just wanted to help fund the relief efforts. This gives me a lot more respect for the NBA player. He even gave a shout-out  to the victims on Twitter, mentioning nothing about his generous donation.


It’s always heartwarming when we see athletes donating to the community. Whether it’s the entire team or just one player, it proves that they love the game, not just being greedy with their money. Although Durant is the only one that donated to the fund, many other Thunder players gave their thoughts and prayers to the disaster victims.

This isn’t the first time that Durant has shown his respect for the community. He has started his own foundation, the Kevin Durant Family Foundation, which raises money to support kids in need; in particular, after-school programs, single parents and educational programs. In 2012 he stated, “It’s an honor to play in the NBA, and I hope that I can use some of the attention given to me because of my work on the court to raise awareness and resources for the things that I know personally can make a difference in the lives of kids.”

Let’s just say that we should keep Durant in mind for Santa’s Nice list this year.

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