Two-Year Old Son of Chelsea's Ross Turnbull, Josh Turnbull, Dazzles Crowd With Amazing and Adorable Goal

By Dan Parzych



When it comes to professional athletes, there always seems to be a chance of their kids growing up and doing the same down the road as it’s simply in their genes to take after their parents. As for two-year-old Josh Turnbull, the son of Chelsea‘s Ross Turnbull, it appears he may already have a bright future ahead of him when it comes to being a soccer player.

Chelsea recently wrapped up their final match of the regular season and after the game, Little Josh decided to steal the spotlight by showing off his own skills on his way to the net before eventually kicking the ball across the line for the goal. It may have taken him a little bit longer to reach the net when compared to most players, but little Josh never gave up once as he even fell over at one point and caught himself with the soccer ball (which come on–we all know would have been called for a handball in most cases).

While one of the best parts of this video is how fired up the crowd gets for Josh scoring the goal as the cheer as if it were a real soccer game, nothing tops Josh’s reaction to the crowd noise by putting his arms up in the air in celebration. In fact, Josh’s celebration reminds us of the “Victory!” celebration that was always performed by Johnny Drama in Entourage.

Either way, this is by far one of the coolest kid videos ever seen and props to Josh for quickly becoming an internet sensation by showing us a possible preview of what may come in the future.

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