Chuck Norris: No One Is Going to Mess With Tim Tebow's No. 1 Fan

By Connor Muldowney
Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports

What happens when momma stops defending you and no NFL teams want you? Enter: Chuck Norris. Tim Tebow is one of sports’ biggest stories all the time, but as of right now, he is jobless.

Chuck Norris talked in his most recent column for a non-profit conservative website called Newsbusters about what Tebow reminds him of. Norris talked about how Tebow is an ultimate clutch player and someone that reminds Norris of his young self.

Rising to the occasion when it matters most and producing at an unbelievably high level is what sets him apart in Norris’ eyes. As America’s human superhero, Norris has more jokes made in his favor than anyone in the world. If you haven’t heard a joke about how awesome Chuck Norris is, then you probably haven’t lived yet.

If a guy like this is defending you, then you know you made it big and no one will be messing with you any time soon. He’s like that big brother that was overprotective, and when a bully started bothering you, he moved in for the butt-kicking.

Sure, Norris isn’t the most knowledgeable football fan in the world, but he knows a thing or two about being a boss.

Norris also went on to say in his column that he has never seen a more inspired or determined athlete in any sport. He urged the Jacksonville Jaguars to sign him and take the sometimes-unpopular route and make Tebow a Jag.

Ron Jaworski has an Arena Football League offer for Tebow if the Jaguars don’t work out. The former Philadelphia Eagles quarterback is the part-owner of the Philadelphia Soul. He said he wants him for his leadership but never mentioned playing time.

One thing is for certain, however; Chuck Norris has Tebow’s back and no one better forget that– or else.

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