Cincinnati Bearcats Baseball Team Displays Best Post Game Interviews Video You'll Ever See

By Dan Parzych
(Cincinnati Bearcats YouTube)

If you didn’t know anything about the Cincinnati Bearcats baseball team–you’ll certainly know who they are after watching this hysterical video of interviews conducted throughout the 2012-13 season.

When it comes to athletes being interviewed after games, it’s become a popular trend for their teammates to have some fun and interrupt the interview (the Miami Heat do it to each other all the time). However, it’s safe to say that no player or team tops what the Bearcats did to each other this past season as they took goofing off to a whole new level.

Just look at the video above and you can’t help but start cracking up about some of the stints they pulled off. From jousting each other from carrying one another to pretend like they’re swimming in the background, this is one of those videos that you will certainly catch yourself watching numerous times.

They always say the most important thing about sports is to make sure you have fun no matter what the outcome of the game is and it’s amazing to see the type of bond these players have established as teammates to pull off these hilarious acts during post-game interviews. Not only do these players deserves credit for finding ways to make us laugh, but they deserve a ton of credit for the type of creativity they came with as some of these acts are simply genius.

Hopefully, the Bearcats continue the trend over to the 2013-14 season as they will most likely have more fans outside the Cincinnati area following them now that this video has gone viral.

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