Houston Astros' Snow Cone Vendor Fired Amid Public Outcry For Bringing Tray Into Toilet Stall

By Paul Seaver
Thomas Campbell-USA Today Sports

In what will certainly click as the most bizarre story of the day — a Houston Astros snow cone vendor was fired on Thursday morning when he brought the snow cones into the toilet stall with him during the team’s home contest on Wednesday.

I know shocking, right?

First off, what was this man thinking? Just drop the snow cones off where they are supposed to. Or, sell them — isn’t that the point? Why would a vendor bring the food that they are trying to sell into the bathroom stall with them? Mind-boggling.

Well someone caught it on video and sent it into the local Houston news — they obviously investigated and aired the footage. Long story short, the Houston Astros are now on the market for a new snow cone vendor.

On a lighter note however, the Astros defeated the Kansas City Royals on Wednesday night by a final score of 3-1, improving their overall mark to 14-33 on the season. Despite the victory, the action was in the restroom. Oh how things just keep getting worse for the Astros, but hey at least their fans know the proper etiquette in the vending world.

Houston needs a lot of work in rebuilding their organization and hopefully it began on Thursday with the firing of this snow cone vendor. There’s just simply no room in a professional baseball organization for snow cone vendors who don’t have any common sense.

Oh well, onto the next one. And, I’m not just talking about a new snow cone vendor — I’m talking about the Astros’ next game, it’s at home on Friday night.

Remember, keep all food products outside the restroom during the ball game.


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