American Swimming Begins and Ends With Michael Phelps, Greatest Olympian Ever

By Devin O'Barr
Michael Phelps in the locker room

In today’s day and age a famous athlete like Michael Phelps can’t simply retire. Thanks to the likes of Michael Jordan, Brett Favre and Lance Armstrong the word retirement has gone from being a statement describing finality to a word used multiple times in one’s career.

At age 27, Phelps is still in great condition and is feeling the urge to return to the spot where he made his millions and became the biggest thing in the United States since the cell phone. After competing in four Olympiads, the swimmer really has done and seen it all, yet he refuses to take the medals and walk away. If it were me I would be on the beach somewhere soaking up the sun and fame or I wouldn’t have retired in the first place knowing the urge to return would be there.

Also, the 2016 Olympics games in Rio De Janeiro will be here before you know it which makes Phelps even more eager to dive back in.

If Chicago had won its Olympic bid then the Baltimore Ravens fan would have surely returned to action without even thinking about it. Watching Phelps get back in the water would remind us all just how successful he was, but if he is unable to repeat his uncanny production from previous Olympics then do fans even want him back?

We saw what Favre and Jordan did to their legacies by sticking around too long, so who is to say that Phelps won’t flop as his flippers have gotten worn out over the years?

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