Kansas City Royals' Broadcast Fails With "Young Player" Graphic (Photo)

By Paul Seaver
Credit- Deadspin

On Thursday night, the Los Angeles Angles defeated the Kansas City Royals by a final score of 5-4. After the Angels scored twice in the top of the eighth to extend their lead to three runs, the Royals could not complete a ninth inning comeback, falling by the one run.

While the Angels avoided a ninth inning collapse, the Royals’ broadcasting crew did not.

While you have probably already observed the picture above, let’s just breakdown some of the many errors. Seriously, who created this graphic? They must have zero baseball knowledge.

We will start on the left hand side — it’s Bryce Harper, not Hunter and as his picture indicates — he’s a member of the Washington Nationals, not the Detroit Tigers, as the logo pictures. The same mistake applies to Matt Harvey, who is second in from the left (not Matt Jones).

The logos above the pictures in the graphic are all wrong — like come on, the pictures themselves show what teams the players are on.

The title above the graphic says “Unlimited Answers” — should be more like unlimited mistakes.

See what I did there? I’m so clever.


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